6 Best Things To Do In Samut Prakan, Thailand

Looking to save some costs on your travel? Why not join a shared group tour to explore Samut Prakan, Thailand? Here are some activities you might be interested in:

The Ancient City is a massive 360-acre park filled with a ton of very impressive replicas of all the popular Thailand landmarks from around the country, all located in one place for you to explore.

With the slogan, "Travel all of Thailand in one place", there are more than 120 attractions all scattered around the 360 acres area. They claimed it is one of the largest private outdoor museums in the world and after spending more than 2 hours riding around the entire park, it definitely feels like it.

The park is divided into northern, southern, northeastern, and central regions connected to form the actual shape of Thailand itself and all of the replicated architectures are also in the same location as the real thing on the map. It is actually quite impressive if you look at the map of the Ancient City park.

Within the Ancient City, there is a ton for you to see, and I mean A TON. To see all the 120+ landmarks, expect to spend at least 3 hours biking around the Ancient City and taking photos of all the stunning structures you stumbled upon.

The landmarks ranged from old ruins of the ancient city of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya to the impressive Pavilion of Enlightened that resemble a dragon's back. Despite it being replicas of the real thing, they are actually very impressive in and of themselves. These are no cheap knock-off tourist landmarks.

At the center of the park, you will also find a floating market where you can rest a bit from biking and indulge yourself in Thai street food and snacks by the water before continuing on exploring other regions of the park.

Since there is a ton of landmarks to see, to save you some time, I spent hours riding a bike around to see them all, and here are some of my favorite landmarks that you should definitely visit:

The best time to visit the Ancient City is 3 hours before closing time which is from 3 PM to 6 PM as the sun won't be as strong by then and it should be much more comfortable to ride a bike around. There is not a whole lot of shade here so if you are there mid-day, you are not going to enjoy the outdoor sights very much.

The Ancient City opens from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. The entry ticket is 700 THB for adult foreigners, 360 THB for kids, while the ticket will cost 400 THB for adult Thais and 200 for kids. Since the park is massive, you are also going to need to rent either a bike, which will cost you 150 THB per person or you can take your car inside for 400 THB per car.

Mind you, the Ancient City is a not cheap tourist attraction to visit, but from what I saw, what they have managed to build here is extremely impressive and there is no other place like it. If you are looking for something different to do in Thailand that is unlike any place, I think the entry fee is definitely worth every dime.

To get to the Ancient City, you can take the BTS sky train to Kheha BTS station and from there you should be able to get a free shuttle bus provided by the establishment that will take you to the Ancient City in no time.

Erawan Museum is another impressive landmark you must not miss when you are in Samut Prakan. The museum is located inside the 43 meters high gigantic 3-headed elephant statue towering over the surrounding area that is impossible to miss.

Once you are inside, you will be blown away by the intricately designed interior of the statue. The Erawan Museum building is divided into 3 floors that represent the Universe from Hindu scripture. The most impressive floor of all is the second floor, which represents Earth.